Hani Majebry

Libya · (218) 91-011-9922 ·

Software Developer | 5 years of professional experience


Lead Developer / CTO

  • Built a self-managed team and implemented Scrum processes.
  • Leading the development of a feature-rich highly-demanded delivery app.
  • Optimizing code, breaking down God classes into SOLID code and design patterns.
  • Set branching strategies, raised coding standards, and increased test coverage.
Nov 21 - Present

Backend Developer

Libyan Spider
  • Implemented algorithms and dealt with graph data.
  • Maintained web dashboards and APIs of a mobile app for a leading ISP.
  • Developed complex registration forms, WordPress plugins and themes.
Nov 18 - Nov 21

Software Engineer

  • Served as the sole Backend Developer for various applications in a wonderful team. We've developed a successful eCommerce project.
Jan 17 - Nov 18

Web Developer

  • Trained developers to be successful in the market.
  • Built an accounting app that has been running for 5+ years.
  • Built a feature-rich system for a US medical lab to apply for tests and track results.
  • Built various websites for local and international business.
2010 - Nov 2018


University of Benghazi

Licentiate (BS. equivalent)
License degree in Law
Oct 09 - July 16


Programming Languages & Tools
  • RESTful APIs
  • Clean Code
  • Scallable Databases
  • Agile Development & Scrum